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Mar. 6th, 2007 @ 10:30 am
eclipse WAY coolness


Pisces Horoscope for week of March 1, 2007

Native to Africa and Australia, baobab trees are oddly beautiful, with thick, bulbous trunks that can grow partially hollow and thus serve as shelters for people and animals. They have an enormous capacity for storing water, allowing them to survive during draughts. Humans carve and paint their fruits, making them into ornaments, and also use their leaves, fruits, and bark for food and drink. The tree's large white flowers open only at night, and are pollinated by bats. In all these ways, you remind me of a baobab right now, Pisces. You're freakishly gorgeous, have enormous staying power and hundreds of uses, are a rich source of nourishment and comfort, and bloom under the moonlight, when you do your best collaborative work. : D


Synchronicity rocks.
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Feb. 14th, 2007 @ 06:26 pm


Pisces Horoscope for week of February 15, 2007
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Feb. 13th, 2007 @ 08:25 am
Astrology is da bomb. If there's anything you just don't understand about an involvement with someone in a relationship (at any point in time), look into studying astrology. It seriously kicks ass. This doesn't mean you will love or even like everything you may uncover..not by a long shot..but knowledge is power as they say..and you can't change what you don't (or won't) acknowledge.
It's truly an essential (fascinating/scary/incredible) tool for understanding yourself, other people in relation to you and how you might affect them, and with the aid of forecasting, can also provide some measure of lingering sanity if nothing in your life makes any sense or you feel like you don't understand what's happening, or if you'd like to just "see" what might be on the horizon for you in important, significant ways in different life areas, at different intervols in the future (or even look into events that occurred in your life in the past). There is an almost unlimited amount of information to be gained and areas of contemplation to be discovered if you take the time and invest the curiosity/interest/courage/personal resources (feelings, thoughts, etc.) to dig around and explore all sorts of things.
I continue to be amazed. (Real) Astrology is a priceless tool for absolutely everyone and helpful for anyone that might like to learn some things about what makes them (or other people) really tick.

[..as an aside I guess..I could say that I'm naturally 'biased' to feel/think this way since I happen to have the "astrologer's aspect" that blatantly says such {if I can find the link again I'll add it here}..so perhaps that's a big part of where my strong interest has always come from..natural inclination..{uranus/scorpio/12th} but really it's just highly amusing :)]

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gimmie a break..of that kit kat bar..and lose 2 lbs? Jan. 18th, 2007 @ 12:28 pm
lol..yeah right

That's my kinda diet..and anyone's that *thinks* they should be on one, but really shouldn't. :)

hehe..yeah, that's it..I'm on a cookie diet

Hollywood Cookie Diet


Enjoy 4 cookies per day in place of breakfast and lunch.

One cookie for breakfast, midmorning snack, lunch and midafternoon snack.
Eat a sensible dinner (see suggested recipes on our website).

{if cookies are "sensible"..what's for dinner..?}
Exercise regularly - it's good for your heart and good for your figure."
{in other words..if you *don't* exercise..you'll be wearing the cookies?}

The First Delicious Way to Lose Weight™. Eat a cookie, Skip a meal™.
Llose weight with delicious meal replacement cookies.

{gotta love the typo!}

Who needs healthy when you can eat cookies for your meals? geez, heh
Next they're gonna market it to really intelligent parents with really overweight kids..just wait.. : P
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Yay for pretty snow :) Boo for the past :( Jan. 16th, 2007 @ 12:00 pm
Merely a year ago..oy. :( How on Earth can so much happen in such a short time frame? Asplodes the mind..

I'm not sure what I'm looking for anymore,
I just know that I'm harder to console..
I don't see who I'm trying to be, instead of me
But the key is a question of control..

Can you say what you're trying to play anyway?
I just pay while you're breaking all the rules..
All the signs that I find have been underlined,
devils thrive on the drive that is fueled

All this running around, well it's getting me down,
just give me a pain that I'm used to
I don't need to believe, all the dreams you conceive
You just need to achieve something that rings true

There's a hole in your soul like an animal,
with no conscience, repentance, oh no..
Close your eyes, pay the price for your paradise
Devils feed on the seeds of the soul

I can't conceal what I feel, what I know is real
No mistaking the faking, I care
With a prayer in the air, I will leave it there
On a note, full of hope, not despair..

All this running around, well it's getting me down,
just give me a pain that I'm used to..
I don't need to believe, all the dreams you conceive
You just need to achieve something that rings true

All this running around, well it's getting me down,
just give me a pain that I'm used to
I don't need to believe, all the dreams you conceive
You just need to achieve something that rings true

~ Depeche Mode

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Jan. 5th, 2007 @ 04:35 am
surprise, surprise..

You scored 40% Air
In romance, you're drawn to the qualities of an Air Sign. You're turned on by a man's intellect and sense of humor more than his net worth or fine physique. You desire a mate who will match you wit for wit and keep you up all night talking. Air Signs prefer to keep things light and even, so if you want love that's playful, you might be most turned on by a Gemini, a Libra or an Aquarius mate. Read more about these Sun Signs to discover more about their motivations and desires.

You scored 40% Water
In romance, you lean toward qualities exhibited by Water Signs. You seek a mate who is kind and compassionate, not afraid to feel, someone to whom you can really bare your soul. You appreciate romance and sentiment, and though the man you long for may be a bit shy or innocent, he is very, very generous and open-minded. You'd probably love to be with a Cancer, a Scorpio or a Pisces lover.

You scored 20% Earth
In romance, you lean toward qualities exhibited by Earth Signs. You're turned on by affluence and opulence. While you crave status and security, you also want a man with a sensual streak as strong as his stock portfolio. You like to take things slowly and make informed decisions, so you may find a Taurus, a Virgo or a Capricorn lover to be the sexiest match for you.

You scored 0% Fire
In romance, you're drawn to the qualities of a Fire Sign mate, someone ambitious, ardent and active. You don't like hesitant men -- you like a guy who'll take a chance and make the first move. Impatiently passionate, you need someone who will show you a good time -- and the world. You have a good chance of finding happiness with an Aries, a Leo or a Sagittarius man.

Mr. Right quiz - what you need in an ideal mate

Astro-Beauty Quiz -- Which Elements Influence Your Beauty Style?

You scored 40% Water
Your beauty is naturally appealing in a soft, dreamy way. Like the Water Signs -- Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces -- you tend to gravitate toward fabrics that drape or shimmer, in watery blues and greens. You also love natural fabrics, like cotton, linen and hemp. You may have a slightly ethereal look, with filmy skirts and lots of layers, or you may wear comfy ensembles of loose pants and blouses. You probably kept several of your mother's or another treasured relative's old coats, dresses and jewelry items. In fact, most of your clothing, jewelry and furniture have some kind of sentimental value, whether they belonged to someone you love or someone special gave them to you. For you, your emotional tie to something is based on its history, and how you feel about an item matters almost more to you than its actual use or meaning. If you're not a Water Sign, you definitely feel Water's influence in your chart.

You scored 30% Air
Your beauty is quirky, offbeat, sometimes even funny. Like the Air Signs -- Gemini, Libra and Aquarius -- your tastes tend to range far and near and change with (or without!) the trends. You have a great sense of humor and you love blending the newest fashion with a standard piece from decades past. Up-to-the-minute heels paired with a fifties poodle skirt and a crazy, zany blouse might be just your speed! In fashion as in the rest of your life, you're not afraid to try something new -- in fact, you prefer it! You love it when people don't know what to expect from you next, and unusual outfits or experiments with meditation or herbal healing are just the beginning. Your interests will likely take you far -- you could travel the globe, picking up fashion tips, healing remedies and spiritual guidance from India to Paris to Timbuktu. If you're not an Air Sign, you definitely feel Air's influence in your chart.

You scored 20% Earth
You possess a natural, sensual, direct beauty. Like the Earth Signs, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, you're all about playing up your natural beauty -- and you know just what that natural beauty is. You've got a solid sense of style and tend to stick to classics, colors and cuts that will always be timeless. This sensibility extends outside your closet and your makeup bag, too -- you take the practical, tried-and-true approach to just about everything. You're likely to be where you want to be regarding career, love and money, or at least you have your goals in sight. If you're not an Earth Sign, you definitely feel Earth's influence in your chart.

You scored 10% Fire
Your beauty is spicy and alluring in the extreme! Like the Fire Signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius you're the original rebel without a cause. You like attention and you'll do almost anything to get it! You wear bright colors and you're not afraid to show some skin. You're likely to be as fiery in your career and your love life as you are about fashion; you're all about pushing the envelope. You won't take anyone's word for anything -- you want to experience everything firsthand, even if that means you get into trouble from time to time! Trouble doesn't scare you, anyway; you know how to turn on the charm and you can get out of almost anything. If you're not a Fire Sign, you definitely feel Fire's influence in your chart.
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Aug. 25th, 2006 @ 05:40 am
www.whataslut.com ... does there not come a point at least sometime in someone's life where the concept of shame at least registers on the intelligence scale? I guess not.. she must feel like she only really has 1 thing to offer that people think is worth anything anymore..or the people she listens to that are in charge of her "creative talent" really don't care about the person they represent, who is just a merchandising 'whore' so they can fill their pockets. If you really want to feel sorry for someone..feel sorry for her kids. Good grief..she's such a good example of running her own life..55 hour spontaneous marriage (no doubt her guy 'friend's' feelings got pretty hurt somewhere in there..he was probably at least a somewhat upstanding one as well..)..marry a loser guy who benefits from your fame & riches and leaves his wife who is pregnant with his 2nd kid while she's x months pregnant, just to be with you and immediately give you 2 kids in just over 2 years of being together (if you figure it out, there's maybe a 5 month gap from when she popped the first one out..)..and you're 24..congratulations Britney, you are one pretty sad piece of work. Is this truly what you envisioned for yourself when you were 12? Thank you Hollywood for contributing to the creation of such wonderful pillars for young women to emulate with such valuable portraits of self-esteem.

Who knew Playboy had branched out to pregnancy? Newsflash Hollywood: A child is not a fashion accessory.


lol..did someone do that on purpose? she's naked because she had 'nothing to wear'..yeah that's it.."bazaar" indeed

"Britney Spears is pregnant and no longer at her physical peak. What better time to do some naked photos for Harper’s Bazaar?"

The hot celebrity chick posing naked while pregnant stunt was novel when Demi Moore did it. It’s been copied so many times in the intervening years, though, that it’s rather mundane. And, when Britney Spears does it, a trend has officially jumped the shark.

Still, I find the photos strangely compelling. She’s a strange woman with some severe trailer trash tendencies, yet often quite beautiful and much smarter and more talented than she’s usually given credit for."

When she agreed to this session, Britney knew exactly what she was doing: getting her mojo back. "It made me want to cry a little bit, doing these photos," she admits. "I started feeling like myself again." And one doesen't need a degree in Obvious Pop Cultural Metaphors to understand that Britney's donning Viktor & Rolf's cagelike mask comes with its own allusions: "I was a little held back at first," she says. "I didn't know if I wanted to go there, because…you know. But when I put it on, I thought, God, this is beautiful." And, after all, beauty is truth. "I think being pregnant is such an empowering feeling," she adds. "And for mothers out there in general, you don't feel the most beautiful all the time."

Britney is learning more about pregnancy the second time around. "The first time, you're new at everything, and you're paranoid," she confesses. "This one, I was like, I just gotta wing it. It was weird for me at first because of who I am; wherever you go they expect you to look a certain way." Her exasperation becomes evident: "I'm not supposed to be this huge pregnant superstar."
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Jul. 29th, 2006 @ 05:20 am
Wow..my alter-ego got hitched :D hehe

Avril *so* got hit with an ultra-pretty stick!
She's all grown up, model-esque & uber classy 'n stuff :)
..I think I'm jealous :'( heh

totally cool

Great Pics!

so cute

Notes about Avril: We don't have Avril's birth time as yet. However, she is a Libra with a Scorpio Moon, Mercury in Virgo square to her Sagittarius Mars, and Venus in Scorpio. We look forward to learning her birth time so that we can delve deeper into the Astrology of Avril.

With both "feminine" planets in Scorpio and her Venus conjunct Pluto, {holy Scorpio!} Avril Lavigne certainly has guts and willpower. Avril shares a Scorpio Moon with the musician she is often compared to - Alanis Morisette. Although her Mercury is in the modest sign of Virgo, it forms a tight square to her Mars in Sagittarius, giving her the drive to let others know what she thinks (and she won't always come over in a tactful manner!). Mars, however, is also conjunct Neptune, and Neptune squares her Mercury as well. This configuration suggests a creative and intensely imaginative mind. It also suggests a powerful magnetism, and a drive to express, talk about, and write about her unique spin on the world.



Jul. 29th, 2006 @ 03:55 am
A sign of the times... blah X p

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Jul. 28th, 2006 @ 10:55 am
Man, it's been awhile...the good news is: I'm resurrected and officially back from the (technologically-deprived) dead. Aren't you happy to see me? hehe : p

It's obvious from the photo below that the mess in the Middle East is making her head feel like she just spent an hour with Gallagher or Ashlee Simpson. Of course, there is a remedy...

Where should Condi turn? Tylenol? Advil? Opium?

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